Pre- Writing: It’s for your own good!

Does the title of this post, for some reason unknown to you, remind you of spiderwebs or perhaps a memory of you staring at a blank piece of paper, with anxiety knotting up your chest and stomach, as your English teacher gives you a warning glare that says, “WRITE or else!”?

Well, try not to fret.  This post certainly doesn’t pose any threat of detention or extra homework.  It does, however, ask that you rethink what you think you know about pre-writing.

Pre-Writing Consists of Three Main Events

1) An outside occurrence, may it be a something that happens physically to you, or a book or article read, or movie watched, or conversation had, or comment, quote or opinion heard, that forces you to want to think more thoroughly about the occurrence. You may even be moved to produce a piece of writing to express your thoughts to other people, whether it be a letter to an individual, publication or organization, or a research report or an article, etc.

2) Use of a pre-writing tool to help sort out your ideas and help you to recognize what you know and don’t know about the topic of interest.

3) Analysis and Decision.  Do you have enough information to form an opinion or begin to draft about the topic?  Do you still have unanswered questions to which you must find answers?  What are those questions?

The answers to these questions in step three will help to either guide research for a more informed opinion/letter, etc. or it will lead to drafting.  Or maybe it won’t.

Either way, it is important to realize that the PURPOSE of pre-writing ISN’T TO PRODUCE any writing.  The purpose of PRE-WRITING is to ASSIST in THOUGHT-GATHERING and ORGANIZATION.

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