What is the Purpose of Writing?

As I was writing, “Pre-Writing: It’s for your own good”, I started to wonder about the reasoning I was using in defense of pre-writing, and that being the reader may one day be moved to write about something that he or she experienced.  But then I thought about it.  Who really does that anymore?  I know my grandmother can be relied on to a write a good letter to someone of authority if she feels mistreated.  Bloggers.  Obviously use writing as an escape or as a way to sort out their thoughts or express their views.  Even celebrities write books.  Mostly motivated by profit, but still they take the time to sort through their thoughts and offer an opinion to the world.  But does the average person?  Perhaps only when faced with adversity or an assignment from a teacher.

So I ask myself, what is the point of offering services to assist people with writing, if no one really has an appreciation for the activity?  But the thought pushes through my brain, down through my arms and out of my fingers onto the screen:  BECAUSE PEOPLE NEED TO!  In this communication-intense world, knowing how to read, think and express yourself through written language is almost as necessary as air.  Maybe not air, but is definitely equivalent to the need of a house.  In an opposite fashion perhaps, as a house protects from bad weather and predators, writing helps you to push thoughts from inside your natural casing (head) out onto the world.  In some way, your house is your shield and your words your sword. Who wouldn’t want these weapons to be as strong and sharp as possible?

In today’s day, even if you want to be “in-the-know” as a younger person, Facebook and twitter are the new hangouts.  How is information passed at these hangouts? Not through speaking to each other, but writing to and reading each other’s comments. I’ll admit, the grammatical errors, misspellings and usually thought-less banter that make up the content of these posts is less desirable than any educator would like, but the fact that technology has given new life to written language, being a necessity to participate in what is “happening”, is a start.

So where I am going with this? A challenge. I challenge anyone one reading this,  for the sake of your own ability to manipulate words into just the meaning you seek, to  work everyday on your writing skills.  It could be as simple as spending ten minutes a day on the activity, but doing so can help to expand your vocabulary, pursue your thoughts to a deeper understanding, and finally, express yourself to say what you mean through written language.  Who knows, maybe one day the way you learn to fashion words will protect you, just as a sword can.

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