Chapter 10

What did Lincoln do to help remedy the “intruder” situation?

Why couldn’t Lincoln tell Monica about the break in?  Is that typical of Lincoln?

How did Lincoln’s “appointment” with Monica end?

Describe the second encounter Lincoln had with Monica in the hallway. Why did Lincoln act that way?

Did Lincoln try to tell his coach about his knee? What happened?

When was Lincoln finally able to tell his mom about the intruder?

After practice, Coach Yesutis and Lincoln exchanged words. Summarize the conversation.

Why did Lincoln wave off James?

Chapter Story Element Questions

Characters- Both Monica and James were rebuffed by Lincoln when they were being nice to him.  Why do you think Lincoln does this?

Plot- The conversation between Lincoln and Coach Yesutis lead to a plot change.  What was that?

Setting- The words describing the setting in the last two chapters also feed into Lincoln’s mood.  The words, creep and creeping, alone, limping in the darkness, describe the setting, but how can they be applied to Lincoln’s feelings?

Story Structure- Name the Chapter

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