Chapter 11

In the paragraph, ” Lincoln helped steady the door…” What is the significance between Ray and Lincoln in the paragraph?

What type of questions did Lincoln’s mom have about the  intruder?  What was she worried about?

Who was the letter from that Lincoln received? What did the letter say?

What memory does Lincoln have of Tony while he is trying to do his homework?

How does Lincoln feel about seeing Monica at school?

What did Lincoln have for lunch?

Which team mate passed by while Lincoln was eating lunch?

Summarize their conversation.

As Lincoln was walking toward the library, the author described the remaining pep rally activity? What was it?

Lincoln saw Monica again. What happened?

Who got to play in Lincoln’s place?

Chapter Story Element Questions

Character: Lincoln finally opened up to Monica about what was going on with him.  Why?

Plot: What problems are Lincoln still facing? Has anything been solved since the beginning of the story?

Setting: Where did this chapter take place?

Story Structure: Name the chapter.

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