Chapter 12

What was Lincoln trying to communicate to his mom? Was he successful?

Why did Lincoln carry a framed picture with him from the bathroom to the kitchen?

What did Bukouski address Lincoln about?

Why did Lincoln say what he said originally?

How did their argument end?

Did his knee hurt when he practiced?

Who did Lincoln see on the Franklin side?

Which team possessed the ball first?

Who was Lincoln looking at on the Franklin side, instead of watching the game?

What happened to Bukowski in the game?

Did Lincoln find Monica in the crowd? Who was she with?

How did the second half start for Lincoln?

“…feeling giddy because he was now understanding that he was a Franklin boy beneath a Columbus uniform.”  Why is this sentence and the paragraph the follows it, an important discovery for Lincoln?

Lincoln was going to play for himself, not school pride…” Who did Lincoln “take sides” with?

Who won the game? What was the score?

Did Tony and Lincoln make up?

What was said during the conversation between Mr. Kimball and Coach Yesutis?

What happened when Coach Yesutis grabbed Lincoln hard by the arm?

Did James communicate with Monica?

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