Chapter 6

1. Who seems more motivated to get the TV back, Lincoln or Tony?  Why do you have that opinion?

2.Why do you think Lincoln got mad at Tony when he said, ” You have been living with white people too long?”

3.Why did the author insert descriptive imagery in the middle of Lincoln and Tony’s argument?  Did it help prove a point in the argument?  What is the author trying to prove with the imagery?

4. After the argument, Lincoln starts comparing his old and new neighborhood. Why?

5. In the last sentence on page 56, how does Lincoln feel about the TV? What is really bothering him?

6. Did they find the TV?  What were some other items they looked at?

7. Each boy thought about and handled the TV situation differently.  Explain.

8. Where did Lincoln go after he left the Thrift Store? Name three things he did while there.

Chapter Story Element Questions

Characters: After “spending the day” with Tony and Lincoln, you got to see their personalities.  Write a brief character sketch for both characters, then answer the following questions:  How are Tony and Lincoln the same?  How are they different?

Setting: Lincoln traveled by foot until the end of the chapter.  Use the text as your guide and draw a map of the setting of this chapter.  Indicate where Lincoln walked and what he did.

Plot: Were you shocked about the way things ended between Lincoln and Tony in this chapter?  Or did you expect something like this again?  Reference the text in your answer.

Story Structure: Would you consider what happened in this chapter a “building event” or a “climactic event?” Why?

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