Chapter 7

What happened in Lincoln’s dream?

What were Lincoln’s initial thoughts about Tony?

What happened between Lincoln and his mom? Why? Who was right? Has something like this ever happened to you? How did you resolve it? How does Lincoln resolve it?

Why didn’t Lincoln tell James about his argument with his mother?

Describe the eating scene with James Lincoln and James’ family.  How is this similar to AND different from, meals in Lincoln’s house?  Did Lincoln enjoy himself?

What complaint does Lincoln have about his coach?

Why did Lincoln not tell James about Monica?

Chapter Story Element Questions:

Characters: Lincoln, in two instances in this chapter, chose to keep information to himself.  Is this typical of Lincoln’s behavior?  Why or why not?

Setting: Lincoln took us somewhere new in this chapter?  Where? Describe it. Did Lincoln like it?

Plot: Were there any major plot changes? Did anything unexpected happen in this chapter?

Story Structure: Name the chapter.

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