Chapter 8

Lincoln did a lot of thinking before he went to visit Monica.  Almost two pages worth!  What were some of the thoughts he was having before he met Monica?

Why do you think Lincoln lied about going to church?

Lincoln thought about having the “venison conversation” on the way to meeting Monica.  Did the talk turn out as he planned?

What games did Lincoln and Monica play? Who won each game?

The text says, “He passed the ball to Monica and was relieved it didn’t pass through her hands and smash her in the face.” What is this referring to from earlier in the chapter?

Why did Lincoln scream, “Ay”?

Why did Monica not answer Lincoln when he asked if she wanted a boyfriend?

Lincoln learned two exciting things about Roy, Lincoln’s mom’s boyfriend, when he gets home from playing basketball with Monica.  What are they?

What story did he hear about Coach Yesuitis?

Chapter Story Element Questions

Character: Monica- Throughout this chapter there were several things Monica did that Lincoln “liked”.  Based on this, what characteristics does Lincoln like in a girl? Regarding Ray, Lincoln’s approval of Ray seems to change in this chapter.  Why?

Plot: Towards the end of the chapter, Lincoln hurts his knee and this may affect an upcoming event in the plot (as discussed at the end of this chapter.) What might be affected?

Setting: Do you think Lincoln’s injury had to do more with the setting or with the character Monica?  Describe the setting of the basketball game with Monica and explain how it could have contributed to Lincoln’s injury.

Story Structure: Name the chapter.

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