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This week, I had the pleasure and privilege to speak with self-published author, motivational speaker and philanthropist Edison Jaquez via email.   We discussed his upcoming book, Turning a Mess into a Message (release date: July 15, 2018), what motivates him to give back and in what direction will he take his next steps.

Leigh: So, this is your second book, how does this second accomplishment make you feel?

Edison: First of all I want to say thank you for interviewing me and for all the great work you’re doing. It still hasn’t hit me like I know it will but I feel blessed and like I’m living in my purpose with this second book.

Leigh: You are very welcome! Thank you! What would you say was your motivation to write the book?

Edison: The motivation behind writing this book came from the love I have for helping others find their purpose in life and teaching them to never give up on their dreams no matter what obstacles life throws at you.

Leigh: So would you say your purpose is helping others find their purpose, especially through adversity?

Edison: Yes, I believe I was allowed to face different challenges in life so that I would be able to identify with others and encourage them along their journey.

Leigh: Who do you hope this book reaches?

Edison: I hope it reaches everyone from all different races, gender, backgrounds etc.

Leigh: I think it has the potential to; it seems the purpose is to motivate anyone, whether one with serious legal problems, or one who simply needs help getting back up after rejection to not give up. Great topic! In what way do you hope to inspire your readers?

Edison: By sharing my struggles and success in this book, I hope it inspires people to go after their dreams and never give up!  I hope to be the motivation my readers need to take their life to the next level.

Leigh: The book’s title is “Turning a Mess into a Message,” what would you say is the main difference between the Edison then, that was a “mess,” and the Edison now that brings a positive Message to people?

Edison: This is a great question! I would say the Edison then would always try to please everyone and didn’t fully believe in himself. Pride often got the best of me until I learned to humble myself. The Edison now puts God first, continues to build self confidence and understands nothing happens overnight.

Leigh: So you have gained the confidence to keep going no matter what and trust your decisions? That is pretty powerful! Congrats! Who would you say helped you the most with your transformation to an inspirational figure?

Edison: Of course God 1st, second my family- my wife Jennifer, my kids Armani and Jacob, my mentors and friends.

Leigh: That’s great! It reminds me of the phrase, “It takes a village….”  While reflecting on your past to write this book, were there any lessons learned that perhaps escaped you while you were living through the situations discussed in the book?

Edison: Yes, there were many lessons. I wish I took the advice of those who saw the best in me and made better choices.

Leigh: Did you ever imagine when you were younger that you would be the author of two books? How do these accomplishments make you feel, looking back?

Edison: I never imagined being the influential person I am now. If you would have asked me back in the day I would have said, “No, not me”. These accomplishments make me feel like I’m doing the right thing for the younger generation to follow, especially my kids. It also makes me feel good that I can be an inspiration to the older generation.

Leigh: Did you find the writing process to be cathartic? Would you recommend writing to anyone going through a tough time?

Edison: Yes, I actually did. What I would say to anyone who desires to write a book is that it’s important to be honest with themselves before they decide to share their story with the world.
Leigh: Sometimes being honest with yourself can be the hardest. If you had the power to change your past, is there anything that you would change? Why or why not?

Edison: Honestly, I wouldn’t be the man I am today had it not been for my past but if I could change one thing I would say the pain and heartache I caused on my family.  

Leigh: Great answer! Sometimes adversity can be a good thing, in hindsight, of course. Now that the book is complete, what are your final thoughts?

Edison: I’m truly blessed and humbled by the outcome of this project. I truly feel this is by far my best work.

Leigh: That is great! And to think there is so much more to come. Speaking of which, what are your next steps as an author and motivational speaker/inspiration?

Edison: I’m working on my 3rd book which will be a children’s book that I’m very excited about.

Leigh: That is great news! You are turning into a serial author! You certainly don’t waste time!  Do you have any final thoughts you want to share?

Edison: I would say to everyone reading this interview to always believe in yourself and never never give up on your dreams!! Thank you.

Leigh: Thank you for spreading positivity  and thank you for your time today.
Clearly the goal of the book, and Edison’s work, is to motivate people to live their best self and to not give up on their dreams. He truly wants his readers and followers to learn life lessons from the mistakes that he made to save those people from the heartache. I hope this book reaches whomever needs it.

If you need a pick-me-up, or would like to learn how someone turned their life around from unthinkable circumstances to sky-high success, pickup Turn a Mess into a Message by Edison Jaquez.

Contact Edison and sign up for email updates including how to purchase his books and where and when is his next charity event.

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