Meet the Holistic Health and Life Coach

This week, I had the opportunity to talk to Alexandra Marrero, Holistic Health and Life Coach. Alexandra has spent the last several years on a journey to understanding the mind, body, soul connection and sharing what she has learned with the clients of her wellness business Restorative Health and Wellness.

Her journey started with physical fitness. Working to make herself feel better after the weight gain that customarily comes after pregnancy and childbirth. During the process of reaching her physical goals, she realized there was much more to learn with regard to feeling the best one possibly can. Physical fitness is only one piece of the puzzle. Caring for your mind and soul is also important to feeling great and achieving optimal performance in anything you do. Below, Alexandra explains ways to work towards achieving a mind, body, soul connection.

How do you define “holistic health and life coach? A holistic health and life coach is someone who focuses on all aspects of the body and the mind instead of just focusing on the symptoms that the client is experiencing.

Do you find that people have a misconception about what you do and if so, what is that? Set the record straight!
The biggest misconception people have is equating “holistic” to “new age.” It’s not new. Holistic and alternative care has been performed for hundreds even thousands of years. People also think that because I don’t use toxic or synthetic medicine, that what I do doesn’t work or isn’t real. My goal with my clients is always to add what is missing from their life. If something is wrong, it means the body isn’t balanced. I always ask, “what form of nourishment is missing, how can we create balance?”

How did you first learn about this field? What motivated you to engage in this type of work? Learning about this field, and getting to the point that I am now, was a nine year journey and counting. It started shortly after the birth of my second son. I was depressed, overweight and in a bad place. I knew I needed to make a change. I simply could not continue living life the way I did. I hated myself for my faults. I had underlying issues stemming from watching my father not take care of himself; and ingest medicines that never fully made him better. I understood when I became older that I didn’t want to live life this way. I wasn’t sure how to escape my depression and bad feelings. I started focusing on myself physically. I went to the gym and began losing weight and weightlifting. I began to feel GREAT! I replaced my old bad habits with my new hobby – working out. Eventually I progressed to understand and apply proper holistic, nutrition and lifestyle changes to my life. Feeling better lead me to understanding my mind better. I started to know myself more and what I needed to feel balanced, Finally, I worked my way into energy work, working on my soul and total balance and alignment. It became a lifestyle for me; and I love to share it with people. 

Generally speaking, when dealing with new clients, where do you find the most deficiencies with regard to their holistic self care?
Generally speaking, most people that I come across have mind/body connection deficiencies. Even though in this day and age more people are the most conscience about mindfulness than in the past, there is still the biggest deficiency between mind/body connection. Examples of this include running oneself ragged; allowing the mind to run on overdrive leaving the body feeling exhausted and helpless and not understanding why they feel  the way they do. It is important for people to stop and listen to their mental and physical cues and respond accordingly.

What are your go-to techniques to assist your clients with rectifying these deficiencies?
The basic techniques that I regularly suggest first to reestablish the mind body connection are to meditate and journal. Just like we wash the body on a regular basis we need to wash the mind. Journaling is also a great way to obtain mental clarity. The key to journaling is to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself straight forward questions and allow yourself honest answers. Journal long enough to get your ego to step aside and allow yourself to express vulnerable feelings. Getting your troubles written on paper allows you to do it in a safe way so you don’t feel like you are spreading negativity if you were sharing your troubles with a friend. 

How can people better understand the mind, body and soul intersection?
Everything is connected. For example, if we’re not honoring our true self, or our soul, and our needs it will lower our vibration. This will affect the mind causing us to make poor decisions, and therefore the body will feel drained and can experience physical symptoms. It is a cycle.
If someone wanted to learn, on a basic level, how these three intersect, I would suggest reviewing Paul Chek’s work. He explains this concept in layman’s terms so that someone new to this doesn’t feel overwhelmed or like they have traversed into “new age” territory.

From your perspective, what are the biggest issues individuals have with mind health?  (Is this different from the term, “mental health?”)
People may prefer the term “mind health” because they don’t want to confront the stigma associated with the term “mental health,” but ultimately the biggest issues people have, that I have come across is anxiety and depression.

When it comes to caring for one’s mind, what are the top activities to maintain its wellness? 
1. Focused Breathing 2. High Vibration Food 3. Meditation and 4. CBD.

What issues will people suffer from when soul health is neglected?
Someone who neglects to take care of their soul health will suffer a domino effect of symptoms. They will vary individual to individual. They can have physical, mental and emotional symptoms. 

What wellness techniques can one implement to improve soul health?
People can meditate, set boundaries, understand their limits and honor them. Honor their wants and needs.

In what way do people neglect to take care of their soul? Out of the three areas you focus on, body is the one in which, I believe, most people think they know how to take care of. What do you find is the biggest misconception most people have about taking care of their body? “I can eat whatever I want as long as I work out.” If you put trash in your body, you will still suffer negative effects – even if you workout. You can’t out work a bad diet. 

What is your approach to finding out a new client’s actual needs vs. what they think they need?
Asking a series of questions that focus on mind, body and soul. Tap into their energy and perform energy work.

Which service of yours is most popular among your clients? Card Readings and energy work.

Is there any message you would like to give readers that the above questions don’t address? Self care is not selfish – this especially goes out to the moms and parents out there. Self care is one of the highest forms of self love. When we practice self care it allows us to be a better version of ourselves that we share with everyone! 

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