All classes below begin the week of July 11th and end the week of August 15. (6 weeks)

Reading Classes

  • Family Reading Club – Your favorite reading club is back on a new day! Gather the family around as we read a book on an elementary reading level, but about a topic everyone shares an interest. Join the club for access to the Google classroom that provides activities to help families and young readers create deeper connections to the text. Tuesdays at 7PM. Via Zoom.
  • Active Reading Strategies – This class is geared for grades 5 – 7 and provides a review of activities that engaged readers do while reading to comprehend and retain content more readily. Some strategies include summarizing, visualizing and monitoring for understanding. Tuesdays 4 PM. via Zoom.
  • Middle Grade Novel Study – Root Magic by Eden Royce – Take a journey back to 1963 South Carolina where the Turners must grieve their matriarch and adjust to life without their her. 11-year-old twins Jay and Jez learn that they will begin studying root working lessons that have been passed down through their family for generations. The novel explores responsibility and growth, grief, holding on to traditions vs. modernization, dealing with negative situations and learning to find a place for one’s self in an unforgiving and judgmental society. We will read the novel, keep a reading journal, complete a comprehension packet and write a written response to an open ended question. Tuesdays 5:30 PM via Zoom.

Writing Classes

  • Writing Portfolio – Grades 5 to 7 will meet to learn about different types of writing and craft their own examples to include in their writing portfolio. Such writing examples include the journal entry, haiku, personal essay and an op-ed. Students will conduct the entire process for all pieces used in final portfolio. 6 week class. Via Zoom. Wednesdays at 3PM.
  • Grammar Classes- Grammar classes will be offered both in person and via zoom throughout the summer. Check the schedule for individual class topics.
  • Responding to Literature- A task that students will repeatedly be asked to complete is provide a written response to the literature they read in class. This class breaks down how to provide a written response in the forms of one sentence, one paragraph and an essay. Wednesday 5:30 – 7:00PM Via Zoom

Individualized Tutoring

Any course above can be adapted to a personalized one-on-one tutoring experience.

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