Sometimes, it can be exhausting locating educational resources for our young learners. There is so much content, so many things changing. How can one find an easy way to keep their child’s education current?

Honest History Magazine encourages learners to not just read about history, but engage with and explore it.

Honest History Magazine – This is an excellent resource for ages 6-12 for young historians to not only learn from history, but engage with and, eventually make it. This magazine offers an adventure on every page; Bright illustrations, entrancing stories and fun history DIYs make this an excellent source for summer learning activities. Honest History wants to “encourage kids children to conduct their own research and unearth long lost stories.” ( Essentially, purchasing the magazine subscription is only the beginning. The aim of it is to inspire the child to partake in a life long journey of learning, even if only as a hobby.

BitsBox Coding Subscription Box for Kids offers monthly coding projects that teach basic concepts, but then encourage students to apply their new skills on independently.

BitsBox – Coding Subscription Box for Kids – Calling all parents of future programmers, this is the subscription box for your child. The subscription has four total boxes, and one box is delivered each month. The first box starts with the most basic coding concepts and with each box getting successively harder as each new box builds on the previous box’s lesson. The lessons start out with having the programmer follow pre-written code that creates apps. Then, coders are encouraged to apply the lessons they learned and add new code to the pre-existing code. This award winning subscription will get your young learner coding in no time.

The Week Junior offers curious readers up to date information current world events.

The Week Junior – This periodical is perfect for the young learner in your house interested in current events. This weekly magazine provides information on what is happening in the world. According to several reviews, it appears to mostly be center on topics, only presenting facts. Though some reviewers indicated the slant could skew slightly left. Overall, this is a great way for students to maintain their reading skills, their knowledge of world happenings as well as a conversation starter for families. This subscription is a win all around.

Which Way USA Subscription teaches adventurous learners about the history and culture of each of the United States.

Which Way USA Subscription Box This subscription service is packed with activities that will keep you child busy for three weeks, until the next delivery comes. Race across the USA with Trip and Scout as they learn about landmarks and the culture of each state. Each delivery provides two puzzle books – each focused on one state, a large map of each state that learners use to help them solve riddles and complete other activities. If your child loves to learn about the states, this would be an excellent subscription service for them.

Raddish Kids Cooking Subscription Box offers young culinary artists the opportunity to learn real skills and cook real meals!

Raddish Kids Cooking Subscription Box – Even aspiring young chefs can benefit from a subscription box service! But this cooking subscription goes beyond simply receiving recipes in the mail. Lessons embed math, science, geography and culture and history into each cooking lesson. Each kit includes 3 recipes guides, quality kitchen tool, creative kitchen project, monthly collectibles, 3 culinary skill lessons, complete grocery list.

Subscription services are a great way to introduce new topics and skills to your young learner in an incrementalized fashion.


This blog contains affiliate links for which I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, for you purchasing these recommended products through the links provided in this blog.

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