Awesome Educational Subscriptions

Sometimes, it can be exhausting locating educational resources for our young learners. There is so much content, so many things changing. How can one find an easy way to keep their child's education current? Honest History Magazine encourages learners to not just read about history, but engage with and explore it. Honest History Magazine - … Continue reading Awesome Educational Subscriptions

3 Steps to Combat Writing Hesitancy in Middle Graders

Of the many hurtles writing students need to clear on the journey to becoming better writers, for some students, simply getting the words onto the paper is the biggest hurtle of them all. They are incredibly similar to a cautious toddler considering jumping into a pool for the first time, carefully measuring their approach. And … Continue reading 3 Steps to Combat Writing Hesitancy in Middle Graders

2021 Summer Reading Club Descriptions

Read the descriptions of the clubs below and click on the links to register for the clubs. Family Reading Club Sundays at 1PM - July, August, September Elementary- level books, articles and other reading material are read and afterwards either individual families, or families come together to speak to each other about the story and … Continue reading 2021 Summer Reading Club Descriptions